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A few years ago the term Home Theater did not exist. Now, not only is a household term, it’s a reality for many, many people. With the prices of good equipment falling extremely fast, technology evolving so quickly and becoming so available to the general public, Home Theaters in Columbus Ohio are becoming more and more popular. While on the extreme some have dedicated Theaters in their house, many folks just want to enjoy a good movie, a fast paced game or a good TV show in style in their living room or den. We can help you and it does not have to cost a fortune. A good quality TV, screen or projector, sound system, blu ray player and amplifier can cost a very reasonable amount. We offer great entry level systems, all the way to reference quality 4K image sources, speakers and amplifiers; installed for you.

We would enjoy the opportunity to work with you on your project. Some things to consider are described below, but to streamline the decision making process, we recommend setting up an appointment so we can dedicate our time to you.

So, So, you wanna get a nice Home Theater and you live in the Columbus Ohio area but you don’t know where to start…. OK then lets start with a simple question.

What do you want to do with your System?

1) I just want to listen to my music (I’ve got like a bunch of CD’s, some vinyl, my ipod and I think I might have some 8-track tapes in the basement)

2) I want a nice simple home theater (To watch TV and Movies and videogames and listen to my music on as well…Oh, and I’d like one of those cool 4K TV’s as well)

3) I want a Kick-Ass Movie theater in my home (With a really big screen and great sound that my buddies will go home drooling about and my wife will complain is “too loud”)

4) I want a multimedia home theater (good for TV, Blu Ray, Whole House Music, a videogame system and maybe even hook up the internet while yer’ at it.)

Grab a piece of paper and write down all the things that you want your system to do and then compare that to the list above. If you want your system to do something not listed above….shoot us a quick e-mail and we will tell you if we can get your set up just the way you imagined.

Next, take a look at the space you want to use for your system….

1) Do you have a wall unit that limits the size screen you can use?

2) Are there walls to mount surround speakers or will you need stands for the rear speakers?

3) How much speaker wire will you need to go from your receiver to your speakers? 4) Is the room easy to keep dark (with curtains) or does light come in during the day?

5) Will my significant other let me put big speakers in this space without a knockdown drag-out fight or should I use small wall mounted or in-wall speakers?

6) How close to the TV will I be sitting and so how big a screen would I need/ enjoy?

7) Am I talking to myself more than usual today and, if so, am I answering???? Once you have thought about these questions you will be able to choose the right components or system for you.

Display Options:

There are a lot of choices today and most of them have really confusing initials like DLP, LCD, OLED, D-ILA, SXRD, MSG, ESPN…. (OK, I made up the last two). Each type of technology has it’s strengths and weaknesses which I’ll outline below. First though, lets clarify the three most popular types of Displays.. Flat Panel and Front Projection. Flat Panel (LCD, LED, Plasma and OLED) These are the oh so sexy hang on the wall type TV’s that everybody seems to love these days. Truth is, only recently has LED and LCD technology been able to offer picture quality as good as an “old fashioned” Plasma TV. In some ways they are still not quite as good as them (Contrast) and (Motion) Now a days these sets are some of the most affordable, biggest and best pictures around. Oh, and they have gotten a lot slimmer too. Front Projection (DLP, LCD and D-ILA) This is what you need for that true movie theater experience. Along with a screen on the wall or rolling down from the ceiling, These projectors can give you a gorgeous picture 8-10 feet wide that rivals your local multi-plex. You do however, need space for the screen and a darkened room with some decent light control for the picture to look it’s best

There are many other variables which may sound overwhelming to you at the moment, so feel free to allow us to guide you through the process of picking the right equipment for you house or business.

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