As a service to those within a 60 mile radius of Columbus Ohio we offer complete installation to make sure your system is up and running at its best. We have teamed up with Tiger Systems, one of the regions best installation crews to run all the wires, connect all the speakers and install any in-wall speakers. Part of this service also includes calibration and optimizing the picture and sound to your room.

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Distributed Audio

Would you like Meatloaf in the Kitchen, KISS in the bedroom, The Cars in the garage, and The Eagles on the Patio?Ai??We can help.

Would you like to flip a switch and change the lighting in your house from ‘Dinner’ to ‘Drinks’ and then over to ‘Movie’ and then to ‘In Bed’?Ai??We can help.

Would you like to control your MP3 or digital music collection as you walk from the Patio to the Den with a wireless full color remote?Ai??We can help.

Here’s an easy one; would you like to be able to sit down and watch a movie without searching for ‘black TV remote with the square buttons’ and the “silver remote with the missing battery door’ while holding the ‘Silver Pioneer remote’ and ‘Tivo’ remote?Ai??We can help. (And it costs a lot less than you may think)


While the words ‘stereo’, ‘HI-FI’, ‘2 Channel Audio’ and ‘vinyl’ may be leave you with worries that we want to bring back the 8 track and other artifacts of the past, there are quite a number of ‘normal’ people that really enjoy just sitting down and listening to music through high quality equipment. While some may believe that multi channel (5-7 speakers) Home Theater has pushed this hobby to the side, it is alive and well.


We can help you enjoy the art of listening to music. We offer some of the finest Turntables, CD players, SACD players along with some of the best Speakers, Amplifiers, DAC’s (like the Berkeley Audio Designs Alpha DAC), Pre-Amps, and cables to either update a current system or create a custom setup for your needs. We’ve also got a grip on the digital revolution of music files. With so many people buying and storing MP3 and other digital files on their home computers it’s becoming harder and harder to get great music back to your ears. With systems from ROKU, Sonos, Amazon, Onkyo and others, we can help integrate digital music into your home system so you can enjoy the music to its fullest potential. From basic 2 speaker setups to full house audio and media integration, Park Audio Labs can help you.

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