Welcome to Park Audio Labs

Welcome to ParkAudioLabs.com. Our goal is simple; to find you the best technology for your Home Theater or Home Audio setup without the confusion and frustration of going it alone. For the past 20 years we’ve suffered through it all; trips to local Big Box electronics stores that leave you dazed, confused and often misinformed… all the way to those stuffy hi-fi audio shops that mock your budget and your intellect. We got tired of it and now we’ve done something about it. Our combined background as audio shop employees, equipment reviewers, music and video producers and technology researchers gives us an insight that we want to share with others… Let’s face it… we’re technology geeks!

We have the experience and time to research and compare competing products and bring you the best performers at every price level. Our site is designed to guide you through the decision making process of building or upgrading your Home Theater or basic Stereo setup. The following categories will help you choose the right components to add to your existing system or create a brand new one. Our SYSTEM:ology section offers turnkey systems that we feel offer the best performance for your investment. Why Apple Pie? It’s simple, when you mix the right ingredients together you get a dee-licious dessert. Add one wrong ingredient and it’s gonna be all wrong. Your Home Theater should look and sound sweet no matter what your budget is. It’s about making sound decisions. We’re Park Audio Labs and we’re here to help

SHOWROOM:Ai??We welcome you set up an appointment to visit our HOME based showroom to see and hear the equipment we offer. To best serve you, please call ahead to set up a appointment. We are generally available Monday through Saturday; Days and Evenings.

Our Home Theater showrooms allow our customers to see, hear and learn about the many options when it comes to home theater, home automation and media integration as well as traditional 2-channel stereo. We have a cross section of equipment on display as well as a few complete Home Theater systems. Each system has a number of different speaker/surround sound set ups to compare not only sound, but style, design and of course price.

With our experience we are able to find the right equipment to update your current system or start from scratch with nearly any budget. We are confident that we can find the right equipment, technology and sound for your budget. With that in mind, we welcome you to set an appointment with Jeff or Aaron so we can best serve you. This allows you dedicated 1 on 1 time with us and our full attention. Try getting that at any Big Box retailer or High End audio/home theater shop.

We also cater to the purist Audiophile by offering some of the most innovative brands in the industry. We welcome you to bring your favorite CD, DVD movie, Bluray, SACD, or good old Vinyl to experience first hand how good sound can be.

Help + Info

Should you need help navigating our website, selecting the right gear or with setting up your equipment purchased through us, we are here to help. Please contact us via email and supply your phone number so we can help resolve your needs as soon as possible.

We are located in a suburb just north east of Columbus Ohio.

EMAIL:Ai??technical help:Ai??info@parkaudiolabs.com
PHONE: 614.855.4668

Park Audio Labs

8923 Grate Park Square
New Albany Ohio 43054

Directions: Go east on 161 from the 270 Outerbelt. Exit to north on freeway 62 and turn left at Central College and Right on Grate Park Drive and then left on Grate Park Square.

Please call ahead so we can be ready to serve you.

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